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Some of the Best Crepes in Paris: A Few Favorites

Looking for some decent crepes in Paris? You’re not alone. Crepes are one of the world’s great democratic foods. They’re inexpensive, often portable, and remarkably adaptable, ranging from hearty and simple to lofty and gourmet. They’re also just as easily enjoyed by meat eaters as by vegetarians. In short, they make a meal that few would claim to genuinely dislike (including picky kids).

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Cafe terrace in Paris, France

How I Finally Cracked Parisian (and French) Humor

  Much ink has been spilled about French people having no “real”sense of humor– at least not beyond a strong penchant for biting political satire, à la Voltaire. As a 2003 article in the […]

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Avoid these tourist traps and scams in Paris

6 Tips for Avoiding Tourist Traps & Scams in Paris

As one of the world’s most-visited cities, Paris relies on tourism to thrive economically. While that’s generally a mutually beneficial thing, it has its downsides. For one thing, certain areas can seem devoid […]

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In Review: The Grand Pigalle Hotel in Paris

  Situated in South Pigalle, a formerly seedy Parisian district that’s recently been colonized by hipsters, foodies and fashionistas, the Grand Pigalle Hotel has only been open since 2015. Yet it’s quickly become […]

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