Bien fait! (Well done)! You Scored Above 70%

Voltaire applauds your impressive results, and invites you to join his league.

Sacré bleu! You answered correctly more than 70% of the time.

Voltaire is suitably impressed– and as you probably guessed, he rarely is.

Your knowledge of great French thinkers is so strong, you may just stand a chance at being invited to join the Academie Francaise. Bien fait! (well done).

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When cocktail parties are once again allowed, you’ll wow them all with your random facts about prominent French minds, breezily quoting them.

But be forewarned: Voltaire is known to have been rather adept at the art of losing friends and alienating people with his witticisms. Emulate him at your own risk.

And in your pursuit of even greater heights of scholarly achievement, don’t follow his example of drinking 40 cups of coffee a day. It isn’t a good look on most of us.

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Quiz: What Notable French Person Said It?

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