Congrats. You’re a Die-Hard Left-Banker.

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre were, like you, loyal left-bankers.

For you, la rive gauche is the only place to be. The right bank is noisy, overcrowded, and crass, with too many unseemly or garish new buildings, disorderly canal-side picnics, unpleasant odors and eye-rollingly faddish restaurants.

Hipsters have taken over, to the detriment of true style and classic elegance. Besides, the left bank has plenty of artistic and intellectual history.

It just happens to value those artists and writers who deserve a legacy, not those who are praised today and forgotten tomorrow.

Left-bankers are proud of the countless writers, artists, intellectuals and scholars that have crowded the area’s university lecture halls and cafe terraces.

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Your ideal day is a stay at the Lutetia palace hotel and a soak in the high-end spa there, followed by lunch at the new restaurant from Jean-Francois Piège and perhaps a jog or stroll in the Jardin de Luxembourg.

Who needs the right bank? “They can keep it for themselves,” you might say with a pointed sneer, as you daintily break into your whole lobster. 

When you’re accused of being a snob, you disagree. You simply believe that tradition and enduring elegance matter more than fickle trends of the present day.

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Right bank vs left bank of Paris