Congrats. You’re a Die-Hard Right-Banker.

Josephine Baker
American and adopted Parisian Josephine Baker was mostly a right-banker, although she did spend time haunting the clubs of Montparnasse (left bank).

You find the left bank pretty, but mostly tired and sleepy and staid. You prefer the urban chaos and current-day artistic vibrancy of Belleville, the less-than-posh theatres and revues of the Grands Boulevards, and the avant-garde whimsy of the Centre Pompidou.

A stylish, die-hard progressive, you wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in St-Germain on a Sunday.

Trop bourgeois“, you might say with a pointed sneer, as tahini from your falafel dribbles down your chin. 

Your ideal day in Paris starts with a strong, preferably too-bitter espresso at a corner bar in Ménilmontant that’s simply called “Le Café du Coin”. It’s served to you by a gruff but kindhearted local named Pierrot who hasn’t left the neighborhood in decades.

You continue with a stroll through the slightly dilapidated, narrow Faubourgs near Place de la République, then search for used metallic lettering at shops in the covered passageways of the Grands Boulevards. It’s for a collage.

In the early evening, you meet with friends for an apéritif and a glass or two of biodynamic, organic wine at a reconverted warehouse-cum-rooftop bar. 

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Right bank vs left bank of Paris