Désolée (Sorry)! You could brush up on your knowledge a bit more.

Voltaire (smiley guy shown above) applauds your efforts. But he also suggests that you head to the nearest dusty, magnificent library in Paris and improve your French history chops.

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In your pursuit of further knowledge, though, do avoid drinking the amount of coffee he apparently did. 40 cups a day isn’t a good look on most of us. Nor is 18 hours of manic reading and writing.

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Quiz: What Notable French Person Said It?

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In life, you don't do what you want-- but you're responsible for what you are. 
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Love doesn't mean looking at one another, but looking together in the same direction.
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We must find the strength to live,  and reason to act, by [gaining] knowledge of the authentic conditions of our lives.
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Whether you're writing a novel or a screenplay, you create encounters, you live with the characters: it's the same pleasure and the same work; you intensify life.
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One always speaks badly when one has nothing to say. 
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Existing and ceasing to exist are imaginary solutions. Existence lies elsewhere.
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Expecting something pleasurable is often more anxiety-inducing than experiencing pain.
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How can you expect to be able to govern a country that counts 258 varieties of cheese?
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Grand acts are born from the silence of laws.
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Critique is easier than practice.
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The memory of a certain image is merely nostalgia for a certain instant.
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Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown.
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Luxury isn't the opposite of poverty, but of vulgarity.
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That which is possible deserves to be given a chance.
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The best way to keep one's word is to never give it.
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Man is born without teeth, without hair and without illusions-- and he dies the same, without hair, without teeth and without illusions.
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