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Last Updated on January 22, 2020

It’s not always easy to find a decent brunch in Paris– or anywhere, for that matter. These days, brunch seems to be a bit hit-or-miss in the capital. Either the food isn’t quite up-to-par—portion or quality wise—or it’s too expensive; sometimes both are true.

The best brunch in Paris: Here, ricotta and blackberry pancakes from Big Love Caffe are one essential weekend treat.

The late and great Anthony Bourdain’s observation that buffet brunches are too often assembled from the week’s kitchen leftovers can ring all too true at some places.

Not to mention that many Parisians see brunch less as an occasion to eat, and more as an excuse for early-afternoon gathering and gossiping after a long, boozy night out. This has encouraged some places to emphasize ambience over substance.

Luckily, there are some great brunch spots in Paris that have met the challenge of serving delicious food at reasonable prices. Here are my top six picks, in no particular order.

1. Le Pavillon Des Canaux: The perfect location

Le Pavillon des Canaux, one of the best places for brunch in Paris
Image credit: Le Pavillon des Canaux/Facebook

In this quirky old two-story house overlooking the Canal de L’Ourcq, you can enjoy brunch outside on the vast terrace– or inside one of the many cozy, pastel-colored rooms, each decorated to resemble the interiors of a home.

Two brunch options are available (both vegetarian) and include unlimited beverages, bread with artisanal jam, and two mini-pastries, in addition to a choice of desserts.

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And when you’re down to your last bit of seasonal fruit salad or chocolate cake, take a stroll around the house– why not catch a power nap in the comfy bedroom?

Image credit: Le Pavillon des Canaux/Facebook

What makes this brunch spot a must-try is the homely atmosphere and copious portions. At Le Pavillon des Canaux, it’s like eating at home– only better.

Must-try brunch treat: The Dolce Vita plate (burrata, pesto, tomato confit and olive-oil focaccia bread)

Getting There

2. Le China: Décor is everything

Located on a small street in close reach of the beloved Aligre market and the Place de la Bastille, Le China offers one of the best buffet-style brunches in Paris.

With its padded brown leather couches, checkered floors and white-clothed tables, this Asian bar-restaurant turns Sunday brunch into a far-flung and almost-glamorous experience (think 1930s Shanghai).

Scrambled eggs, charcuterie, cheeses, salmon, bacon, potatoes, sautéed vegetables, dim sums or dumplings: take your pick, the selection here is nearly endless.

Le China, brunch in Paris near the Aligre market
Image credit Le China/Facebook

You can also take your pick from among the usual brunch favorites, including all-you-can-eat fresh pastries and pancakes.

Must-try brunch treat: the dim sum

Getting There

3. La Petite Fabrique: Organic all-around

Image: La Petite Fabrique/Facebook
Image: La Petite Fabrique/Facebook

Located in an inviting alleyway in the northeasterly 20th arrondissement, this organic eatery serves great seasonal products year-round, amid a pared-down décor of wooden tables and large, glass-paneled windows.

While the brunch menu is by no means innovative, it remains effective and appealing, relying on fresh and flavorful ingredients to impress.

The organic label can be a hard one to live up to, and eating healthy can sometimes mean bland-tasting food at inflated prices. At La Petite Fabrique, whether you decide to go with the carnivorous or vegetarian brunch, you’ll get value for your money. Plus, the desserts are to die for.

Image: Brunch from La Petite Fabrique/Faceboo
Image: Brunch from La Petite Fabrique/Faceboo

Must-try brunch treat: the apple crumble

Getting There

4. Jah Jah by le Tricycle: Vegan with a twist

Blending Caribbean, Indian and South American flavors, brunch at Jah Jah by le Tricyle is more than just a vegan treat. This eatery in the traditionally working-class, rapidly-gentrifying 10th arrondissement is known for its tasty cuisine and friendly ambiance.

Here, world music plays and the walls are strewn with portraits of Bob Marley: a welcome alternative to the sometimes ascetic decor favored by health-food restaurants. Eating at Jah Jah feels like a genuine getaway.

Create your own brunch menu with a choice of favor-packed vegan hot dogs and bowls, and let your taste buds embark on a wild ride!

Must-try vegan treat: The Dogtor Dre hot dog

Getting There

5. Biglove Caffé: The Italian Dolce Vita

Image: Big Mamma Caffe/Facebook. Brunch here includes delicious Italian pancakes with ricotta
Image: Big Love Caffe/Facebook

No need to rush out of bed or suffer the long line to get in here: brunch at Biglove Caffé is served all day long on the weekends.

Eggs benedict, truffle omelette, tartines and ricotta pancakes with berries make up the brunch menu and are as delicious as they sound. Pair these with a big latte or cappuccino and simply enjoy.

The ambiance at Biglove Caffé is what you’d expect from an Italian trattoria: warm and cozy. Here, traditional products are on display (large hams line the counters) and you can smell Napolitan-style pizzas cooking to a nice crisp in the wood-fired ovens.

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Food is served on blue and white china, and the décor mixing copper, marble, leather and wood add to the “la dolce vita” experience of a lazy Sunday spent someplace in southern Italy.

Image: Big Love Caffe/Facebook

Must-try brunch treat: Blackberry pancakes with ricotta and maple syrup

Getting There
  • Address: 30 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
  • Metro: Saint-Sebastien Froissart or Filles du Calvaire
  • Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 71 43 62
  • Visit the official website

6. Le Bal Café Otto: Brunch-so-British

Image: Cafe Otto/Facebook

Selling someone on the appeal of British food at an Austrian place isn’t the easiest of tasks, but brunch at Café Otto will make anyone an instant convert.

Formerly a cabaret, the space is now home to a cool museum café adorned with documentary photography; it also happens to serve one of the best brunches in Paris.

The affordable menu, which changes seasonally, includes porridge, scones, bacon and other British classics. All all prepared by a team of trained chefs.

Tucked in a narrow alleyway in the 18th arrondissement, and part of independent art center Le Bal, Café Otto is a chic and elegant place where both your appetite for art and delicious food will be sated.

Image: Cafe Otto/Facebook

The atmosphere there is warm and hospitable, and the place even has a small sunny terrace area. You can’t make reservations so be sure to arrive early.

Must-try brunch treat: The coffee selection

Getting There

Honorable mentions for a Parisian brunch

  • Le Café des Lettres in the 8th arrondissement: try their buffet-style brunch served in a book-lined dining space. Very romantic! (52 rue de Miromesnil, 75008 Paris)
  • Café Chilango in the 11th arrondissement: Sunday brunch spot with authentic Mexican food. (82 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris)
  • Maison Issa in the 15th arrondissement: Hearty Lebanese brunch that comes with delicious hummus and tabbouleh. (81 rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris)
  • Soya, a veggie and vegan spot that serves a copious and delicious brunch. (20 rue Pierre Levée, 75011 Paris)

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