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Portrait of Voltaire, Musée Carnavalet, Paris
Voltaire applauds your efforts. But you could do even better next time!

You did pretty well, guessing the correct answer between 35 to 70% of the time. You’re on your way to being able to claim solid knowledge of notable French quips.

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When cocktail parties are once again allowed, you’ll wow them all with your random quotes.

But Voltaire isn’t yet convinced of your seriousness. He raises his eyebrow in teasing admonishment.

Why not try the quiz again and see if you can defy his low expectations?

In your pursuit of further knowledge, though, do avoid drinking the amount of coffee he apparently did. 40 cups a day isn’t a good look on most of us. Nor is 18 hours of frantic reading and writing.

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Quiz: What Notable French Person Said It?

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