Vintage & Secondhand Shopping in Paris: Best Shops by Neighborhood

Last Updated on May 10, 2024

Vintage shopping in Paris is exciting and eclectic. Image by Rachel Naismith/All rights reserved
Image by Rachel Naismith/All rights reserved

The past few years have witnessed remarkable growth in the secondhand clothing market, driven by the rising cost of living and increased environmental awareness. “Fast fashion” is increasingly out of style, especially among younger consumers. In the style-conscious French capital, les friperies (secondhand clothing shops) have been around since the 16th century— but the vintage shopping scene in Paris is far from stuck in the past.

The city boasts an eclectic range of vintage and secondhand shops, where one can uncover all sorts of treasures, from high-end fashion pieces and funky jewelry to budget-friendly winter coats.

If you’re ready to rummage, beeline to these fantastic vintage shops in the French capital, conveniently organized by neighborhood. Also see our clickable custom map below to orient yourself and find each of the recommended shops. 

Clickable Map of Vintage Shops by District

Vintage Shops in the Marais 

As one of the epicenters of Parisian style, the Marais neighborhood is a prime destination for luxury vintage and stylish avant-garde secondhand clothing. 


Men's clothing section at Gaijin (image via instagram by @gaijinpariss)
Men’s clothing section at Gaijin (image via instagram by @gaijinpariss)

Gaijin is a vintage and secondhand store specializing in Japanese clothing brands, and describes itself as a “bridge between Paris and Tokyo”. The shop features sparsly modern interiors with wooden paneling and neatly organized clothing displays, creating an attractive and serene space.

Notable brands featured here include perennial Parisian favorite Comme des Garçons and renowned pleated design specialist Issey Miyake. While prices for such couture items are relatively high (though not as steep as purchasing them brand-new would be), the quality, as expected from Japanese designers, is exceptional, and the garments are typically in impeccable condition. 

Chez Snow Bunny

Colorful clothes at Chez Snow Bunny (image via Instagram by @chezsnowbunny)
Colorful clothes at Chez Snow Bunny (image via Instagram by @chezsnowbunny)

For a taste of all things Y2K, Chez Snow Bunny is the place. This shop features a mix of vintage high-end handbags and sunglasses, alongside great value ’90s-inspired halter tops and grungy ripped jeans.

It all feels trendy and fun, and even if you’re not aiming to recreate the style trends of the early 2000s, the slightly more demure jewelry selection at Chez Snow Bunny is definitely worth a look. I was seeking a simple everyday necklace, and they had plenty to offer.

Most of their collection leans towards the delicate: skinny silver snake chains and gold-plated necklaces with small letter pendants, both of which caught my eye.

The shop itself, with its lively and colorful interiors (think neon-pink leopard print dressing room curtains!) has a feel-good atmosphere and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Kilo Shop

Silk scarves from Kiloshop (image via Instagram by @kiloshopfrance)
Silk scarves from Kiloshop (image via Instagram by @kiloshopfrance)

Kilo Shop, perhaps the best-known secondhand clothing shop in Paris, has locations around the city. But it’s the spacious warehouse-style outlet in the Marais that stands out as the largest and most noteworthy.

Setting itself apart from other second-hand stores in the area, Kilo Shop doesn’t feature high end designer goods or anything too ostentatious or “out there”.

Instead, it offers an extensive selection of practical essentials such as trench and puffer coats, color-coordinated sweaters, shoes from brands such as Converse, a wide selection of flannel shirts, and various practical yet stylish accessories such as silk scarfs, corduroy baseball caps and leather handbags.

The shopping experience here is laid back and, as its name implies, you simply pay by the kilo. While prices have increased in recent years, Kilo remains an affordable option in a neighborhood where sticker-shock is common.

Vintage Shops Around the Canal Saint-Martin

Vintage and secondhand shopping around the iconic Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood can be great fun, with its vibrant boutiques  featuring vintage Levi’s and leather jackets alongside sleek, “appointment-only” addresses selling high-end couture and other goods.

Super Vintage

Super Vintage (image via Instagram by @supervintageparis)
Super Vintage (image via Instagram by @supervintageparis)

While it may appear small from the outside, stepping inside Super Vintage reveals a treasure trove of maximalist clothing items and exquisite vintage pieces, including Yves Saint Laurent sandals and chic faux-fur jackets.

The owner, Shiri Slavin, formerly responsible for curating the home department of the fashionable concept store Merci, brings her expertise to this hidden gem, which also specializes in retro home décor and lighting.

There’s a lot happening here, yet the shop manages to maintain an open and spacious feel, avoiding any sense of overcrowding.

In addition to women’s fashion and accessories, there’s a substantial men’s section here too, making an ideal destination for quality vintage shirts, corduroy jackets, and sweaters.

Thanx God I’m a V.I.P

Accessories at Thanx God I’m A V.I.P (photo via Instagram by @thanxgodimavip)
Accessories at Thanx God I’m A V.I.P (photo via Instagram by @thanxgodimavip)

Living up to its name, this Parisian vintage store specializes in luxury secondhand fashion, mostly designer labels. The boutique is spacious and well-organized, with items grouped by color and carefully sorted to spare you from sifting through clutter.

Despite the store’s renown and occasional famous clientele, staff are typically welcoming and approachable, and there’s always a chance to bag a bargain, with some pieces selling (as this goes to press) for around 20 Euros.

Vintage Shops Around the Sentier/Etienne Marcel 

Sunglasses collection at Kiliwatch (image via Instagram by
Sunglasses collection at Kiliwatch (image via Instagram by

Sentier and Étienne Marcel are neighboring districts located in the 2nd arrondissement, with the Rue Montorgueil market street a central artery.

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The vintage and secondhand shopping in the area, until recently a major hub for the wholesale textiles industry, is ideal if you’re in search of genuine bargains. While the shops here may not have quite the same glitz as those in other neighborhoods featured here, the options are impressive and alluring.


Bobby’s meticulously mutated collection (image via Facebook, BOBBY Dépôt-Vente)
Bobby’s meticulously mutated collection (image via Facebook, BOBBY Dépôt-Vente)

Spanning two floors, Bobby features a sizable (but carefully hand-picked) collection of clothing, and stylish-yet-practical items such as marinière (French sailor-style) tees, elegant handbags, and high-quality knits.

This boutique offers strictly seasonal selections, so visiting in winter might not score you dresses or skirts, and you won’t find any flashy couture items here, either. During a recent visit, my friend snagged a chic, barely-worn black wool coat from French brand Sandro for under 100 euros.

The shopping experience was seamless, thanks to the neatly organized stock — and I’m certainly planning a return visit to stock up on winter clothes.


Inside Kiliwatch, one of the most popular vintage boutiques in Paris (image via @kiliwatch)
Inside Kiliwatch, one of the most popular vintage boutiques in Paris (image via @kiliwatch)

Kiliwatch is an industrial-chic vintage store that offers an extensive range of secondhand men’s and women’s clothing. A go-to spot for vintage Levis and vibrant printed shirts, the shop’s interiors might feel slightly chaotic, with handbags hanging from the walls and art installations suspended from the ceilings, but this only adds to its slightly bohemian charm.

A blend of both branded and non-branded fashion is on offer here, alongside selections from independent and artisanal retailers from France and beyond, like Rusmin, a Paris-based upcycling brand that transforms existing materials into new clothes, and Samurai, a Japanese jean specialist using exclusively Japanese cotton. Don’t miss the fantastic children’s section and extensive accessories department.


Offering an artfully curated selection for both women and men, Episode is a vintage and secondhand store that showcases popular styles and pieces from the ’70s and ’80s, including an interesting range of plaid shirts and leather trench coats.

Beyond well-known brands, there are plenty decent quality pieces to be snagged at reasonable prices—with jackets hovering (at the time of writing) at around 30 euros, tops starting at 6 euros, and Levi’s denim priced between 35 and 40 euros. Thanks to weekly restocks from the Netherlands, the collection is always fresh. 

Vintage Shops in the 11th arrondissement (Oberkampf and Belleville)

Secondhand and vintage clothing shops in the 11th arrondissement tend to embody the trendy, “bobo” (French for bourgeois-bohemian) vibe characteristic of the vast area, which is in fact comprised of several different neighborhoods.

Acid Violette 

Acid Violette, a vintage shop in Paris' 11th arrondissement (image by Rachel Naismith)
Acid Violette, a vintage shop in Paris’ 11th arrondissement (image by Rachel Naismith)

Another gem for Y2K and ’90s/2000s enthusiasts, Acid Violette is a hip and colorful vintage outlet that presents an array of unique pieces, most reasonably priced. Their standout pieces, without doubt, are the skirts.

The collection features both short and long lengths, with bold prints like tartan, leopard, and sequins, alongside more casual options like a long tan suede skirt I spotted in-store. 

The sunglasses (mostly unbranded) are bold and futuristic, much like the chunky necklaces adorned with kitsch heart pendants and bejeweled chokers. 

For those looking for something a bit more luxurious, the handbag section showcases designer finds, including vintage Louis Vuitton and pink monogrammed Dior clutches.

Boutique La Bonne Pioche

Boutique La Bonne Pioche, an upmarket vintage boutique in Paris (Image by Rachel Naismith)
Boutique La Bonne Pioche (Image by Rachel Naismith)

Boutique La Bonne Pioche, with its sleek black facade and understated decor, feels very grown-up.  Its secondhand clothing collection embraces timeless minimalism with brands like Acne Studio, Jil Sander, Ganni, and A.P.C., offering a subdued palette and avoiding flashy prints.

The boutique also features a selection of ceramics and artisanal items, including candle holders. While prices match the upscale feel, this is not your usual thrift store.

All the items are impeccably taken care of and beautifully presented. It’s definitely worth a stop by, if only to soak up the refined atmosphere.

Vintage Clothing Paris 

Vintage Clothing Paris (image via Facebook by Vintage Clothing Paris)
Vintage Clothing Paris (image via Facebook by Vintage Clothing Paris)

Vintage Clothing Paris is straightforwardly named, but far from basic when it comes to its carefully curated selection. An ideal spot for sourcing well-priced, smart, and tailored pieces such as suit blazers, swish dresses, and jumpsuits, this small, well-organized shop also offers a selection of carefully chosen accessories, including belts, bracelets and necklaces.

The brands featured here are top-tier, well-known names, with a strong emphasis on French designers like Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy.

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What stood out during my (purely observational) visit were the winter coats, not least a stunning black and white chequered YSL woollen trench. While not the most budget-friendly option in Paris, it’s a must-visit for those in search of unique additions to their collection.

Vintage Shops in Montmartre 

Montmartre, steeped in artistic legacy, naturally harbors a multitude of secondhand and vintage stores, each as artsy and unique as the next. While exploring secondhand shops in Montmartre may require a bit more digging, rest assured that it will be worth your while!


Chinemachine, a vintage shop in Montmartre (image via Facebook, Chinemachine)
Chinemachine in Montmartre (image via Facebook, Chinemachine)

Chinemachine is a bit of a Parisian institution– and not only in Montmartre. With years of history, its pedigree shows. The interiors are packed to the brim with a variety of vintage items, from knits with fur cuffs and jeans with built-in leather booths to party dresses and (admittedly rather strange) hats — including leopard print Russian-style fur numbers and floral plastic shower caps deigned to be worn ‘outside the shower’.

Descend the spiral staircase into the vault-like basement, and the scene becomes even more chaotic, with an abundance of clothing to explore. Here, you’ll discover racks filled with slogan tees and brightly colored pants, along with a small selection of men’s sweaters and jeans. It’s not a spot for a quick visit, but if you have some time to spare, browsing here can be a lot of fun.

Numéro Deux

Numero deux via Instagram page (@numerodeux)
Jeans selection at Numéro Deux (image via @numero.deux_)

Who isn’t on a quest for that elusive perfect pair of jeans? Numéro Deux is an excellent starting point. This private secondhand store, accessible upon appointment only, exclusively focuses on Levi’s, and the owner is enthusiastic about helping you discover your ideal fit.

Staff provide a personalized service, dedicated to sifting through their stock to find precisely what you’re looking for. It might involve trying on a few pairs, but the team is thorough, ensuring (almost) nobody leaves empty-handed.

I booked an appointment here in early spring to hunt for a pair of straight-legged light denim jeans for the summer, and the shopping experience was slick and friendly. Although I must confess I felt a little uneasy about trying on several pairs of jeans for Chloe, the owner, to scrutinize, she made the process remarkably comfortable and was meticulous about finding me the perfect pair.

Tucked inside a tiny Parisian apartment, this store offers panoramic views of the city. For the best experience, book an appointment ahead of time, specifying exactly what you’re after.

Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (Paris’ largest flea market)

Clothes shopping at Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen (image via Instagram by @pucesdeparissaintouen)
Vintage clothing shopping at the Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen (image via Instagram by @pucesdeparissaintouen)

No vintage shopping guide is complete without mentioning the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen. This expansive antique and secondhand market (or, more accurately, community of markets) technically lies just outside the 18th arrondissement, north of Montmartre, and sits beyond the Boulevard Périphérique (the busy circular boulevard that surrounds Paris).

Despite its less-than-convenient location, once you’re here you won’t likely want to leave. Whether or not you plan to purchase any furniture, artwork, crockery, or the myriad of other intriguing items spilling out from the dozens of stands at this colossal market, the experience of being in the midst of it all is exhilarating.

Most secondhand and vintage clothing can be found at the Malik and Le Plateau-Marché Django Reinhardt markets, both part of the larger Puces de Saint-Ouen market. There’s a huge variety of modern, stylish items to choose from.

Vintage Shops in Saint-Germain

The upwardly mobile Saint-Germain-des-Prés district may be most famous for its high-end fashion houses and chic department stores like Bon Marché. However, the neighborhood also hosts fantastic vintage shops, selling a mix of luxury items and high quality non-branded basics.

Tilt Vintage 

Tilt Vintage, a boutique in Paris' Saint-Germain district (image via @tilt_vintage)
Tilt Vintage (image via @tilt_vintage)

Tilt Vintage has two locations in Paris and more across France, but don’t mistake it for an average chain store. The shop in the 6th arrondissement, in particular, might easily be mistaken for a regular clothing store, with its meticulous selection of high-quality goods.

It’s not about chasing the latest trends here; instead, expect chic French basics such as trench coats, mohair sweaters, leather jackets, and daytime dresses, as well as a range of comfy athleisure options, from brands like Nike, Adidas, and ASICS.

While there are some pricier high-fashion items, such as handbags from Delvaux (a luxury Belgian leather goods brand), you can also stumble upon great steals from other quality mid-range brands like Carhartt and Levi’s. The men’s section is particularly notable, offering polo-neck shirts in every color, retro ’80s shirts, and more formal items from brands like Ralph Lauren.


Since 1970, Chercheminippes has been the destination for secondhand clothes shopping, standing as one of the oldest establishments in Paris. Along the Rue du Cherche-Midi alone, you’ll come upon five stores, two specifically focusing on ready-to-wear clothing for men and women.

The third store is a haven for haute-couture enthusiasts, boasting a generous collection of vintage pieces. Explore the fourth store for a diverse array of accessories, while the fifth offers chic home décor and furniture. The store’s website proudly claims inclusivity, catering to “every budget” and, indeed, prices span from a few euros to several hundred.

This is a place that demands you take your time and explore thoroughly—but the payoff is undoubtable. Chercheminippes refreshes its stock daily, with each donated piece undergoing careful analysis before earning its place in the collection.

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