10 Memorable French Quotes, Followed by a Quiz: Who Said It?

    Some of the most memorable French quotes are from writer Marcel Proust.French writer Marcel Proust wasn't known for his pith, but his words are still memorable.

    While the art of the witty quotation is often attributed to English-speaking writers and thinkers– from Wilde to Swift– comparable quips in French tend to really make you stop and reflect. A bit […]

    5 Stunning French Paintings that Depict Paris (& Transport You There)

    Pissarro, Camille; The Boulevard Montmartre at Night; The National Gallery, London; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/the-boulevard-montmartre-at-night-115484

    This week, we framed and hung a new print to liven up a blank wall in our house: an enigmatic painting from Marc Chagall that subtly plunges you into the artist’s own dreamscape […]