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Especially on a first trip to the city, most visitors will want to beeline to some of Paris’s top sights, attractions and monuments, from the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame to the winding, poetic streets of the Latin Quarter and Montmartre. And why not end the day with a scenic cruise on the Seine River? Keep reading for our full guides to the capital’s most iconic tourist sights and places, sorted by theme below based on your interests, budget & available time.

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Some of the Best Crepes in Paris: A Few Favorites

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Looking for some decent crepes in Paris? You’re not alone. Crepes are one of the world’s great democratic foods. They’re inexpensive, often portable, and remarkably adaptable, ranging from hearty and simple to lofty and gourmet. They’re also just as easily enjoyed by meat eaters as by vegetarians. In short, they make a meal that few would claim to genuinely dislike (including picky kids). […]

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