Quiz: Are You More Right Bank or Left-Bank Paris?

Last Updated on June 8, 2020

Take a quiz: does your personality suit the right bank or left bank of Paris better?

Paris is divided by the Seine River and the Ile de la Cité into left and right banks (rive gauche and rive droite, respectively).

Locals tend to identify with one bank or the other, and not only because of where they happen to live.

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Each side of the Seine has its own particular history, vibe, character and culture.

While it’d be an exaggeration to say that the two cultures are vastly dissimilar, some locals might insist that there are fundamental differences between them.

These have to do with social class and immigration, the history of commerce, art, and scholarship, zoning regulations, and a host of other factors.

I won’t elaborate too much now on the (sometimes stereotypical) qualities attributed to la rive gauche and la rive droite. That would spoil all the fun.

Which side of the Seine suits your personality and style more? 

Just a guess, but writer & wit Oscar Wilde probably felt equally at home on the rive gauche and the rive droite. What about you?

Scroll down to the progress bar and click “Next” to take the quiz and find out which bank best suits your personality….or whether you’re more or less evenly divided between both!

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Feel free to share you results in the comments field, and tell us whether you think they’re accurate– or “n’importe quoi” (nonsense).

This is an ongoing debate among Parisians themselves, so why not enter the fray?

Let's begin with a first question..

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